» About David

David Cain is a full-time Christian juggler known as the Juggler for Jesus. He has been a professional juggler for 29 years and has developed a program that uses juggling, comedy, and audience participation to share God's Word and the gospel in a creative and memorable way.

Whatever type of event you're planning, David can provide a program to make the occasion even more special.

These programs are appropriate for any age, from preschoolers to senior citizens. David Cain’s presentation is recognized as a highly effective means of sharing Biblical stories and messages pertaining to topics such as evangelism, Bible study, prayer, sin, faith, Christian living, and of course, the plan of salvation. David’s Christian juggling program can last from ten minutes to two hours, based on your needs. He lives near Cincinnati, Ohio but is available for bookings anywhere in the United States.

» Credentials

David has won 15 Gold medals at the International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Championships. David is a Guinness world record holder and currently has over 20 world records. David has perfected his skills through over 10,000 professional shows. He has performed on television numerous times and is internationally known and respected.

David has ministered with Focus on the Family and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and he has appeared as the opening act for many well-known Christian recording artists. David is the former president of the Christian Jugglers Association. He is the author of nine books about creative ways of sharing the Gospel. Juggler's World Magazine has called David's juggling "excellent", "unique", "innovative", "stylish", and "a treat to watch." Juggler's World Magazine has also called David one of the "World's Finest Jugglers."

» Skills

David is considered the most versatile juggler in the world. In addition to traditional juggling using balls, rings, clubs, swords, and other objects, he uses the arts of boomerang throwing, lasso spinning, whip cracking, ball spinning, balancing, plate spinning, Chinese Yo-yo manipulation, and countless other skills to give every audience a one of a kind experience. By combining this vast array of skills with hilarious comedy, audience participation, and Biblical messages, David never fails to challenge and entertain at the same time.