Christmas Program

David Cain has developed a new Christian juggling and illusion program just for the Christmas season. The routines use a wide variety of props, hilarious comedy, and lots of audience participation to remind kids of all ages that Jesus really is the reason for the season. This program can be a stand-alone event for the entire family or can be used as children’s programming during an adult oriented event. Many churches have used David’s program as an opportunity to minister to children while giving their parents a chance to shop for Christmas. These “Parents’ Day Out” events are a great way to reach kids that might not typically attend church. David’s schedule is expected to fill up fast, so don’t put off booking this program for your church.

David’s Christmas Program can include the following routines and many more.

  • The Real Meaning of Christmas – a great illusion using picture scarves
  • Happy Birthday Dear Jesus – David juggles, sings, and plays ukulele all at the same time as he leads the audience in song
  • Catch The Mistake – audience members catch mistakes that David makes as he shares the account of the birth of Jesus through juggling
  • As White As Snow – red rings turn to white to represent Jesus taking away our red stain of sin
  • The Snow Man – David spins three balls on one finger to remind us that about forgiveness
  • The Rest of the Story – David shares about Jesus’ adult life and ministry using a Chinese yo-yo
  • Follow The Leader – David uses juggling to direct five kids from the audience to play a Christmas song on hand bells
  • The Wise Men – David does plate spinning to share the Biblical account of the wise men visiting Jesus
  • Don’t Be Silent – David combines juggling, puppetry, and comedy to challenge Christians to tell others the true meaning of Christmas
  • The Same Gift – an illusion using three ropes is used to share about the gift of salvation that is offered to everyone